Ewha Open Lecture on Industry 4.0 to be held this semester

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Ewha Open Lecture Series on Industry 4.0 will be held throughout the semester, from September to November. There will be six lectures in total given by eminent professors of Ewha at Room B144 in ECC. The lectures are open to all, but each lecture is limited to 40 people in the order of application. Students are able to apply through THE portfolio and non-Ewha students are able to apply via e-mail. Students can choose one or more of the six lectures based on their interest and schedule.
Through these lectures, participating students will be able to learn more about Industry 4.0 period and appropriate measures toward this new 21st century.

The lecture series is scheduled as follows:

September 7 
Department of Mathematics
Professor Lee June-yub’s “Knowledge, Information, AI and Future” 
On the history of AI and the characteristics of information and knowledge. How should we prepare for the Industry 4.0?

September 21
Department of Content Convergence
Professor Yeo Woon-seung’s “Artistic Creation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence” 
On how AI will affect artistic creation and change art style.

October 12 
Department of Economics
Professor Hong Ki-seok’s “Korean Economy in the Period of Industry 4.0.” 
On how technological and structural changes of Korea may affect the economy, focusing on the corporate sector.

November 2 
Department of Business Administration
Professor Shin Kyung-sik’s “Big Data and Innovation in Business Management”
On how big data will change business management, and how people should react toward the change.

November 16 
Department of Nutritional Science 
& Food Management
Professor Ko Kwang-suk’s “Food in 4.0: Eating and Living Well Alone”
On big data in the food industry both in the everyday life, and the research area.

November 30 
Division of Communication & Media
Professor Yoo Seung-chul’s “Media, Quaternary Industry and Our Stories,” 
On the change of media and industry in the Industry 4.0 period.


This lecture series aims for students to gain a better understanding about the Industry 4.0  in relation to various different industries.

The Content Planning & Management Team hopes for students to take this opportunity to get academic insight about the new paradigm of knowledge and information from this semester’s lecture series.

The Ewha Voice also highly encourages readers to participate in these lectures.

Wee So-yeon

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